Activities of medical physics

Medical instrumentation, cardiovascular biomechanics, and signal analysis (Ivan Corazza)

The laboratory enables the design and prototype development of new electromedical devices as well as the functional validation of existing devices, with particular attention to the cardiovascular field. Further, it is also possible to create and customize specific software for the analysis of biomedical signals.


  • Mechanical simulators of the cardiovascular system for studying the heart and the peripheral arterial system, validated with publications in international scientific journals;
  • Heart-String® Left Ventricular Contractility Simulation System;
  • Acquisition modules for bioelectric signals (ECG, EEG, EMG), arterial pressure and flow;
  • System for analog signal and optical image acquisition and analysis (ANScovery System, Sparkbio Srl);
  • Digital pressure gauge with ACCREDIA traceable certificate, for the calibration of pressure acquisition systems;
  • Analysis software and development environments (Visual Studio, Matlab);

Medical statistics (Elena Nardi, Ivan Corazza);

The laboratory is available for collaborations in the statistical analysis of research protocols and of observational studies and in the definition of study designs, the design of the Case Report Form (CRF), the calculation of sample size, and data quality control.

We provide support in the methodological statistical planning of analyses and in data processing. The laboratory also focuses on the study of new methodological and statistical procedures and the development of innovative analytical approaches.


  • Analysis and development environments (Matlab)
  • Software for statistical analysis (Stata, SPSS, R)

Dosimeter (with the collaboration of the Unità Specialistica di Fisica Sanitaria dell’Università di Bologna)

Thanks to the instrumentation we have, we can carry out functional assessment activities using X-ray machinery to determine the attenuating properties of X-ray shielding materials, for diagnostic use and spectrometric evaluations.

With the anthropomorphic puppet Male Art- Phantom (full body) and the Mettler Toledo system, we can also measure the internal dosimetry for diagnostic radiology with thermoluminescent dosimetery. Further, electromagnet fields (N.I.R.) can also be measured. These assessments can be conducted in our laboratory or onsite, at the request of the customer.


  • X-ray tube (Sias) with flat panel (Varian)
  • Reading system for thermoluminescent dosimeters (Mettler Toledo)
  • Instrumentation for dose measurement (multimeter with dosimeter Barracuda, multimeter Victoreen, e image-quality puppets);
  • Complete anthropomorphic puppet Male Art Phantom (cod. ART-200).


To receive the latest prices, please email the principal investigator, Dr. Ivan Corazza.