Agreements and arrangements

The University and its Departments enter into agreements and conventions with both private and public entities to enhance scientific and educational activities, encourage recruitment, and promote the tranfser of technology.

Agreement with A.R.P.A. (Prev. Department of Experimental Pathology)

As part of the research project “Rischi ambientali e salute umana” (“Environmental risks and human health”), the Department of Experimental Pathology currently has a research hospitality agreement with ARPA-ER—specifically with the regional “Tossicologia Ambientale” (“Environmental Toxicology”) Center, prev. Cancerogenesi Ambientale e Valutazione del Rischio (Environmental Carcinogens and Risk Evaluation): CTR CAVR.

The Center, which is well known in the region, is run by Dr. Annamaria Colacci. It collaborates closely with the university group headed by Prof. Sandro Grilli through the departmental Section of Cancerology.

Their common research focuses on the evaluation of human exposure to environmental toxins through the application of alternative tests of toxigenicity and carcinogenesis, as well as toxicogenomic approaches.