Department governing bodies

Photo of Gianandrea Pasquinelli

Department Director: Prof. Gianandrea Pasquinelli

The Director represents the department, directing, initiating, supervising, and coordinating its scientific and educational activities. 
The Director chairs and convenes the Board and the Council, ensuring the execution of their decisions. He identifies needs and proposes the distribution of technical-administrative, logistical, instrumental and financial personnel resources.

Photo of Pier Luigi Zinzani

The Vice-Director: Prof. Pier Luigi Zinzani

The Vice-Director, a tenured professor selected by the Director, has a supporting role and is authorized to sign on the Director’s behalf.

The Board of the Department

The department’s Board defines the objectives and research programs of the department, among many other functions relating to all the department’s activities. Department regulations stipulate the areas of responsibility that belong exclusively to the Board.

The Board is convened and chaired by the Director of the department. It is composed of:

  • all of the instructors and researchers in the department;
  • the manager of SAM, Service Area Medica (who serves as the Head of Administration and Management as well as recording secretary), Dr. Alice Trentini;
  • representatives of the technical-administrative personnel, the students, and the research fellows.

Representatives of technical-administrative personnel

  • Chiara Barozzi

  • Massimo Bortolotti

  • Domenica Carnicelli

  • Diletta Conte

  • Paola De Sanctis

  • Davide Domenicali

  • Marzia Govoni

  • Giovanna Liguori

  • Nadia Malagolini

  • Cosetta Marchionni

  • Giulia Marzocchi

  • Gabriella Mattei

  • Monica Morara

  • Simona Righi

  • Elisabetta Romagnoli

Student representatives

  • Alice Annoni

  • Sara Bighini

  • Giacomo Cappiello

  • Pietro Caprari

  • Andrea Casolari

  • Matilde Fares

  • Micol Gianoli

  • Letizia Laface

  • Nicolò Locatelli

  • Nicola Magno

  • Ludovica Mangione

  • Linda Martina

  • Giulia Patanè

  • Michele Pavesi

  • Sara Pilara

  • Cecilia Ritossa

  • Angelica Sangiorgi

The Council of the Department

Composition and Function

The Council assists the Director and performs deliberative functions on topics assigned by the department’s Board. Council positions last three years, coinciding with that of the Director.

The ex officio members are: the Director, Vice-Director, and the Manager of SAM (Service Area Medica).

Elected/Assigned members of the following groups also participate in the Council: instructors of the first and second levels, researchers, technical-administrative personnel, and students.

The members of the current Council:

Director: Prof. Gianandrea Pasquinelli

Vice-Director: Prof. Pier Luigi Zinzani

Dirigente dell'Area SAM - Service Area Medica: Dr. Alice Trentini

Professors of Level I:

Professors of Level II:


Technical-Administrative Personnel:

  • Massimo Bortolotti
  • Manuela Vici


  • Sara Bighini
  • Nicolò Locatelli

Members with primarily consultative roles regarding contracts and agreements involving research and activities by third parties: