Institutional Contacts

The Director of the department can delegate contact persons for transversal topics of particular relevance.

Delegated Contacts for the department

Research Contacts 

Prof. Piera Versura

Assists the Director in managing the research of the department. Coordinates the Research Quality Commission at DIMES. Maintains relationships with the Vice Rector of Research and the university's Quality Control.

The contact person is assisted by Prof. Bianca Maria Piraccini, Prof. Luca Scapoli, Prof. Igor Diemberger, Prof. Michela Mazzetti e Prof. Massimiliano Bonafé.

Contact for Education

Prof. Maurizio Brigotti

Assists the Director in managing the formative activities of the department.

Contact for the Third Mission

Prof. Igor Diemberger

Assists the Director in managing the activities of the Third Mission of DIMES and maintains relationships with the Observatory of the Third Mission of the University.  

Contact for Internationalization

Prof. Bianca Maria Piraccini

Carries out coordinating functions for initiatives internal to DIMES (student and professor transfers, international cooperation, and international education opportunities). In addition, interfaces with the management and administrative organizations of the School as well as the University and coordinates the Erasmus Program for the School of Medicine and Surgery. The contact maintains a relationship with the Vice Rector for International Relations.

The contact person is assisted by Prof. Michelangelo Fiorentino, Prof. Stefania Varani e Prof. Marianna Penzo.

Communication Contact

Prof. Michela Mazzetti

Departmental Committee for Social Media Management

Prof. Gianluca Faggioli

Prof. Bianca Maria Piraccini

Prof. Piera Versura

Prof. Emanuela Marcelli

Dr. Diletta Conte

Technical contact: Dr. Barbara Bortolani

Contact for Innovative Technologies

Prof. Emanuela Marcelli

Contact for Animal Experiments

Prof. Pier Luigi Lollini

Maintains relationships with the Comitato per il Benessere degli Animali (CoBA: Animal Welfare Committee)

Director's delegate for the Board of the School of Medicine and Surgery 

Prof. Francesco Alviano