Mission and history of the department.

Pic of the front of the Medical Clinic Pavillion Building, pavillion n.11

The Management and the Administrative seat of DIMES are located in the Clinica Medica, Padiglione 11 in the IRCCS - Policlinico Sant’Orsola. The Department of Specialized, Diagnostic, and Experimental Medicine is one of three departments which pursue the institutional activities of the School of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Bologna. The department was created by the fusion of numerous biomedical and clinical departments. The department carries out its research, training, and support activities in various locations, both in the IRCCS - Policlinico Sant’Orsola and within the university (in an area bounded by Irnerio, San Giacomo, and Belmeloro streets). Most of the professors and researchers in the department work out of the School of Medicine and Surgery. Others are located in the School of Pharmacy, Biotechnology, and Motor Sciences.

Teaching and research activities

The Department of Specialized, Diagnostic, and Experimental Medicine promotes integration and cooperation among different research groups in corresponding departments, aiming to identify common areas of scientific relevance. In terms of training activities, DIMES will work with the other two medical departments: the Department of Medical Science and Surgery (DIMEC) and the Department of Biomedical and Neuromotor Science (DIBINEM) in order to optimize the organization of the numerous courses in the School of Medicine and Surgery's Degree Programmes.

Creation of the Department

The Department of Specialized, Diagnostic, and Experimental Medicine was created in October, 2012 (D.R. del 28/10/2011) as a result of the contributions of numerous professors, researchers, and technical/administrative personnel, previously working in various departments in the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery (both clinical and biomedical), who decided merge, wholly or partially, with DIMES. The following departments contributed to the formation of DIMES:

  • Cardiovascular Department
  • Clinical Department of Radiological and Histopathological Sciences
  • Department of Hematology and Oncological Sciences "L. e A. SERAGNOLI"
  • Department of Applied Histology, Embryology, and Biology
  • Department of Experimental Pathology
  • Department of Specialized and Anesthesiological Surgical Sciences
  • Department of Internal Medicine, Aging, and Nephrological Diseases
  • Department of Psychology
  • Department of Neurological Sciences

How to reach us

Pavillion n.11 Medical Clinic

Via Giuseppe Massarenti, 9 Bologna