Technical and administrative services

Administrative services in the medical area

The administrative services of the department are managed in the Service Area Medica (Medical Service Area: SAM), which takes care of administration and common accounting for the medical departments. For these departments, SAM manages the research, education, graduate program, logistics, and structural space.

All the necessary forms and administrative procedures are available in the Virtual Collaborative Space.

SARS-COVID-2: Access to the administrative offices

As long as there is a state of emergency, in order to respect the security protocols for restricting contagion of the SARS-COVID-2 virus, the office will be open to the public at hours that may vary. However, full services continue to be offered, even remotely (with prior contact via email/telephone/TEAM).

Links for the specific offices are listed below:

Graduating students who need the form for requesting data consultation and/or authorization from the Ethics Committee should write to:

and include the name of their supervisor.