The research activities in this area are:

Acne and suppurative hydroadenitis

Dermatological allergy

Dermatological surgery, photodynamic therapy, laser therapy

Pediatric dermatology


Dermatological ultrasound


Outpatient Clinic for Transplant Patients

Skin immunopathology (Autoimmune pathologies)

Open skin lesions

Skin lymphomas

Auto-inflammatory skin diseases

Autoimmune bullous diseases (rare diseases)

Rare genetic diseases with skin involvement and NF1

Sexually transmitted diseases and infections

Cutaneous melanoma

Cytology, mycology and skin parasitology


Adverse skin reactions to drugs

Pathologies of skin appendages (hair, scalp, nails)

Pathologies of the female genital region

Immunocompromised and organ-transplanted patients

Adult and adolescent psoriasis and atopic dermatitis

Videodermatoscopy and follow-up for patients with atypical moles


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Nico Curti

Adjunct professor

Research fellow

keywords: protein, deep learning, classifier, network, mRNA, DNA, Sociology, Complex, C++, Python, Matlab, Pipeline,
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Emi Dika

Associate Professor

keywords: mohs surgery, melanoma
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Marco Pignatti

Associate Professor

keywords: perforator flaps, breast reconstruction, autologous fat grafting, microsurgery, head and neck reconstruction,

Alessandro Pileri

Senior assistant professor (fixed-term)

keywords: cutaneous lymphoma, pathobiology, mycosis fungoides
keywords: children, alopecia, nails, fungi, tumors, melanoma, drugs, hair, onychomycosis, chemotherapy
keywords: dermatology
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Costantino Schiavi

Associate Professor

keywords: esotonus, tonic convergence, infantile strabismus, amblyopia, myopic esotropia, myopia, strabismus surgery, nutritional
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Rossella Sgarzani

Senior assistant professor (fixed-term)