The research activities are:

Principal Investigator: Prof. Luigi Fontana

Ocular Motility, Amblyopia, Neuro-ophthalmology
Principal Investigators: Prof. Costantino SchiaviProf. Michela Fresina

Medical Retina - Pathophysiology and Diagnosis
Principal Investigator: Dr. Danilo Iannetta

Corneal Transplantation
Principal Investigator: Prof. Luigi Fontana

Clinical Trials - Investigational Drugs and Medical-Surgical Devices
Principal Investigator: Prof. Luigi Fontana

Ocular Surface and Translational Research
Principal Investigator: Prof. Piera Versura 


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Nico Curti

Adjunct professor

Research fellow

keywords: protein, deep learning, classifier, network, mRNA, DNA, Sociology, Complex, C++, Python, Matlab, Pipeline,
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Luigi Fontana

Full Professor

keywords: cornea, keratoplasty, ocular surface, cataract, glaucoma
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Michela Fresina

Associate Professor

keywords: neuro-ophthalmology, amblyopia, strabismus, nystagmus, pediatric ophthalmology
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Costantino Schiavi

Associate Professor

keywords: esotonus, tonic convergence, infantile strabismus, amblyopia, myopic esotropia, myopia, strabismus surgery, nutritional
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Piera Versura

Associate Professor