Center of Study and Research (CSR) for the coordination of medical physics activities

The Center is the headquarters of the School of Specialization in Medical Physics, where a large part of the direct teaching activity and basic vocational training for the students is carried out.


At the center, activities are carried out in the three main fields of Medical Physics: Cardiovascular Biomechanics; Medical instrumentation, signal collection, and analysis; and Dosimetry and X-rays.

In the field of cardiovascular biomechanics, physiological simulation activities are carried out for teaching, evaluating implantable devices, and on behalf of third parties. A complete cardiovascular simulator has been created, which is available for use; in addition, a completely innovative ventricular simulator is being validated.

In the field of instrumentation, signal collection and analysis, all the instruments for physiological monitoring of the patient are available at the center, including all the essential components of an educational laboratory aimed at training nurses in the techniques of instrument monitoring and therapeutic support. Moreover, the personnel possess the skills required to design and prototype medical instrumentation.

In the field of radiation protection and diagnostic application of X-rays, the basic vocational training of students of the School of Specialization in medical physics is carried out. The available equipment includes dosimetric systems, radio-isotopic counting chain, and a radiological system complete with generator and detector.

In addition to normal physical health activities, this system has been optimized and characterized for the radiological absorption studies of protective elastic sheaths (leaded gloves). The Center is one of the few structures recognized at the national level for these activities.

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