Biomarkers of Aging and Age-Related Diseases

How can we live longer and healthier? Biomarkers, including microRNAs (circulating or in organs/tissues), can help us answer this question, as they are regulators of gene expression and markers of pathologies, such as those associated with age.

Research areas: The molecular mechanisms of human aging and age-associated pathologies; identification and role of biomarkers such as microRNAs.


Research projects: The team deals with non-coding small RNAs and circulating markers, both in accelerated aging (e.g. type II diabetes, metabolic syndrome, obesity, Down syndrome, etc.) and in decelerated aging, as is seen in centenarian subjects. The goal is to identify molecules with a diagnostic and/or therapeutic impact. In centenarians, we can measure the same molecules involved in age-associated diseases, although these subjects, who have reached the extreme ages of human life expectancy, have not developed those same pathologies (or if so, belatedly); thus we can study concomitant protective mechanisms and seek to identify anti-aging therapeutic approaches capable of slowing the onset of the associated diseases. MicroRNAs are studied in human aging and longevity, carotid disease, Down syndrome, and liver transplantation, as well as in astronauts at the International Space Station (with specific Inflammaging analysis)—and finally, in rare diseases such as MYOSITES, DESMINOPATHIES. etc.


Ongoing research aims:All objectives focus on analyzing the role of the products of non-coding genes, such as small RNAs, in human aging and age-related diseases. Recently, our studies, in collaboration with Prof. Giovanna Cenacchi's team, have allowed us to identify a diagnostic marker for myositis, now patented, which can be used to identify the disease early.


Fundraising Research has become very competitive today, and people often work with limited or no budgets. Detailed instructions for donations will be described soon, for all those who would like to support our research.

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Lab of Biology, Immunology, Genetic and Epigenetic of Human Ageing, of Longevity and Age-Related Diseases