Uropathology and molecular pathology of genitourinary tumours

The group focuses on translational research with dignostic and predictive relapses in the field of genito-urinary tumors

Research areas:

Histopathological , immunophenotypic, and molecular diagnosis of tumors of the prostate, kidney, bladder and upper urinary tract, testicle, and penis.

Research projects:

  1. Molecular characterization of new diagnostic entities for adult renal tumors using immunohistochemical and mutational panels
  2. Integrated immunophenotypic and molecular diagnosis of tumors of the upper urinary tract
  3. Non-HPV-related carcinogenesis of penile tumors: the role of the infammatory microclimate and its phenotypic characterization
  4. Predictive role of a homologous recombination deficit (and in general of DNA-repair systems) in advanced prostate tumors.

Principal Investigator


Costantino Ricci

PhD Student


Tania Franceschini, resident physician, team member

Francesca Giunchi, AOU medical director, team member