Cell culture laboratory

Laboratory for the growth and storage of eukaryotic cell lines

Research field

 The laboratory cultivates  eukaryotic cell lines, mainly originating from tumors, in sterile conditions. Special containers allow long-term storage of cell lines in liquid N2,  supplied from the outside. via a pressure container.


Bachelor's, Master's and Single-Cycle Degree Theses, PhD programs.



  • Two vertical laminar flow hoods;
  • a horizontal laminar flow hood;
  • one cell centrifuge;
  • three CO2 incubators;
  • microscopes;
  • refrigerators at -20 and +4 ° C;
  • containers for cells in liquid N2.

Principal investigators

Andrea Bolognesi

Associate Professor

Renato Brandimarti

Assistant professor

Maurizio Brigotti

Associate Professor

Fabio Dall'Olio

Associate Professor

Giuseppina Di Stefano

Associate Professor

Fulvia Farabegoli

Assistant professor

Manuela Ferracin

Associate Professor

Laboratory location

General Pathology Building

Room 33, lower-ground floor