Laboratory of Cancer Cell Biology

Research areas

  • The enzyme lactate dehydrogenase in the biology of tumor cells.
  • Modulators of the interaction Rad51-BRCA2  for inhibiting homologous recombination.

Teaching activity

Internship for the preparation of the experimental graduate thesis in Biomedical Technology and Biology of Health.

Methods applied in the laboratory

Western blot, PCR, biochemical assays of enzyme activity, cell viability tests,  immunofluorescence.

Instrumentation available for research and teaching purposes

  • electrophoetic systems for protein separation and trans-blot
  • horizontal electrophoretic tanks for separating nucleic acids (Bio-Rad)
  • electrophoresis documentation and analysis system EDAS 290 (Kodak)
  • Thermal cycler for PCR (MJ Research)
  • analytical balances (Sartorius e Kern)
  • spectrophotometer (UltroSpec 2100, Amersham)
  • sonicator (Heat System)
  • extractor hood suitable for working with toxic substances
  • laminar flow hood (PBI)
  • thermostatically controlled water baths
  • fraction collector for chromatography
  • refrigerators and freezers to -20°C

Principal Investigator


Marzia Govoni

D cat. - technical, scientific and data processing area

Franco Guida

B cat. - general and technical services area


M. RecanatiniProf. M. Roberti, FaBiT, Università di Bologna

A. Cavalli, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia / Università di Bologna

Dr. I. Manet, ISOF CNR, Bologna

How to reach us

Laboratory of Cancer Cell Biology

via San Giacomo, 14 - Bologna