Laboratory of immunology and biology of metastasis

Research areas

  • Immunology and biology of the metastatic process
  • Tumor immunoprevention and immunotherapy
  • Molecular and cellular biology of sarcomas

Teaching activity



Degree programs

Pier-Luigi Lollini

Patrizia Nanni

Carla De Giovanni

Internship for preparation for the graduate thesis

Biology of Health

Medical Biotechnology

Medicine and Surgery

Instrumentation available

  • Molecular biology: Tissue dissociator/homogenizer (gentleMACS Octo Dissociator Miltenyi), Western blot (Mini-Protean 3 Cell, Mini Trans-Blot, Bio-Rad), DNA electrophoresis (Bio-Rad), transilluminator (Safe Imager Life Technologies), digital csamera (Canon EOS 600), microcentrifuge (Eppendorf Centrifuge 5415D and others), thermal cycler for PCR (Verity 96 well Thermal Cycler Applied Biosystem), semi-analytic balance (College B204-S, Mettler Toledo), incubator for bacteria (ALC), orbital shaker with thermostat (ASAL), fume hoods, laser confocal reader for DNA microarray (ScanArray Lite, Perkin Elmer), quantitative real-time PCR (CFX96, Biorad), thermoblock (ACCUBlock digital dry bath, Labnet International), fluorimeter Qubit forDNA/RNA/protein quantification (Thermo Fisher).
  • Immunology: cytofluorimeter CyFlowspace (PARTEC), fluorescent microscopes  (Leica DM-LB), ELISA reader (Sunrise TECAN).
  • Cell cultures:  biohazard laminar flow fume hood (Aura B6, Bio Air), CO2 incubators (HERA Cell 240, Heraeus, AHSI), inverted microscope (Diavert, Leitz) with camera (JVC) + monitor (JVC), general-use microscopes (Will, Leitz e others), thermostatic water baths (Julabo), refrigerators (AHSI), freezers (AHSI), freezers at -80°C (VIP Sanyo), refrigerated centrifuges (AHSI e Eppendorf), liquid nitrogen containers for cell storage (Taylor-Wharton 35HC, Saci) and dry ice production (mini dry machine NICHIO KOEKI).
  • Computing: desktop and portable computers (Fujitsu and others) connected to a local network, Internet access, color laser printers (HP Officejet PRO X551 and PRO 477), scanners for opaque and transparent originals (HP ScanJet 4C, Epson perfection V300 Photo), videoprojector (Epson EMP50).
  • Facility: Outfitted for the the breeding and maintenance of inbred (genetically modified and immunodeficient) mice. Ventilated cabinets with sterile airflow (Tecniplast), horizontal airflow systems (Gelman), and instrumentation for fluorescent imaging (PAN-A-SEE-YA, Lightools Research), elettroporation in vivo (elettroporatore T830 BTX), and cage washing (Teikos).



Francesca Ruzzi

D cat. - technical, scientific and data processing area

PhD Student


Abd Husson Ali Hade

B cat. - general and technical services area

How to reach us

Laboratory of immunolgy and biology of metastasis

Viale Filopanti, 22 - Bologna