Laboratory of the Immunology, Genetics, and Epigenetics of human aging, longevity, and age-related diseases

The laboratory is dedicated to research aimed at understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms of human aging and related pathologies.

Research fields:

 Genetics and epigenetics of aging, longevity, and age-related non-communicable diseases. Immunology, immunosenescence, and inflammaging. Circulating and organ / tissue microRNAs, mytokines, perilipins and other markers of aging and age-associated diseases. Diet and nutrition as determinants of health and body composition in aging.




Laboratory equipment:

Two laboratories fully equipped for cell biology, one for cell cultures, two for molecular biology equipped with basic instrumentation for molecular and cell biology techniques (extraction of nucleic acids and proteins, processing of human biological samples, western blotting, RT-PCR, ELISA assays, etc.).

Main instruments:

  • 5 Laminar flow cabinets
  • 3 Incubators
  • 2 Fume hoods
  • 1 refrigerated cell at + 4°C
  • 1 Robot Hamilton with 16 channels
  • 1 Robot Tecan with 2 channels
  • 5 Centrifuges
  • 8 Thermal cyclers
  • 1 Rotor-Gene Q for RealTime- PCR
  • 1 Flow Cytometer
  • 1 Fluorimeter
  • 1 Spectrophotometer
  • 3 Microscopes
  • Biobank consisting of 10 -80°C Ultrafreezers
  • 1 Automatic cryopreservation system.

Principal investigator


Maria Giustina Palmas

C cat. - social and healthcare area

Federica Sevini

D cat. - technical, scientific and data processing area

Laboratory location

Dept. of Experimental, Diagnostic and Specialty Medicine