Molecular Genetics Laboratory

Laboratory of molecular genetics technology for the study of the structure and function of human genes.

Teaching activity:

 Internships for the thesis in Medical Biotechnology and Medicine and Surgery.

Instrumentation available:

  • Refrigerator-freezer Bosch.
  • Microwave oven PBI.
  • Two precision balances Radwag.
  • Horizontal agitator.
  • Vortex.
  • Microcentrifuge ALC 4214.
  • Chemical fume hood Asalair Carbo 900.
  • Cells for horizontal electrophoresis.
  • Cyclic thermostat for PCR GenePro Euroclone, donated by “Rotary Club – Cesena”.
  • UV transilluminator.
  • Plate washer Wellwash Versa – Termofisher.
  • Computer Apple iMac 21,5” Mid-2011.
  • Digital graphic printer Sony UPP-110.



Francesca Antonaros

PhD Student

Research fellow

Maria Caracausi

Senior assistant professor (fixed-term)

Maria Chiara Pelleri

Associate Professor

Allison Piovesan

Senior assistant professor (fixed-term)

Beatrice Vione

PhD Student

Research fellow

Teaching tutor

Lorenza Vitale

Associate Professor


Giuseppe Ramacieri, team member

How to reach us

Department of Specialty, Diagnostic and Experimental Medicine

Histology, Embryology and Applied Biology Operations Office