Molecular Pathology Laboratory of Bacterial Toxins

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Research fields

  • Mechanism of action of Shiga bacterial toxins
  • Study of the pathogenesis of childhood hemolytic uremic syndrome caused by Escherichia coli strains that release Shiga toxins
  • Molecular pathology of ribosomes and translation
  • Molecular pathology of cancer

Teaching activity:

Internship for experimental thesis preparation (Applied Pharmaceutical Sciences, Health Biology)


Molecular biology:

  • Western blotting apparatus (Hoefer-Pharmacia)
  • Techne Hybridizer HB-1D, Protein and DNA electrophoresis systems (Biorad e C.B.S Scientific)
  • Microcentrifuges (MPW-ALC centrifuge-Eppendorf)
  • PCR (Genenco-HJR research, Inc).


  • FPLC apparatus (Pharmacia) and conventional chromatographic systems



Domenica Carnicelli

C cat. - technical, scientific and data processing area

Elisa Varrone

PhD Student

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