Microbiology Laboratory - Cesena Campus

The Microbiology Laboratory on the Cesena Campus is located in the Single Laboratory of AUSL della Romagna, in Pievesestina di Cesena. It deals with all aspects of microbiology, in particular innovative research in the molecular field and the application of artificial intelligence to diagnostic issues.

Research areas:

  1. The study and validation of innovative methods and Health Technology Assessment (in particular, molecular testing and innovative treatments such as Fecal Microbiota Transplantation) for the diagnosis of invasive bacterial infections (sepsis and pneumonia): in particular, methods which integrate Artificial Intelligence are developed for the selection of patients based on a a clinical and microbiological score.
  2. Epidemiological studies (including molecular surveillance and drug discovery) of infections due to Multi-Drug Resistant (MDR) germs, including studies of Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) by molecular taxonomy;
  3. Studies of viral taxonomy (Viral Variants SARS CoV-2) with WGS;
  4. Post-vaccine and post-infection COVID-19 follow-up studies and the development of electronic devices to identify viral replication;
  5. Studies of the persistence of SARS CoV-2 and viral inactivation with physical methods.

Teaching activity:

  1. Internships for students in Medical Biotechnology and Biomedical Laboratory Techniques.
  2. Training activities for students specializing in Microbiology and Virology.

Instrumentation available:

  • Laminar flow hoods (BSL2 and BSL3).
  • Incubators (with AI) and pre-analytical and analytical instrumentation (Full Microbiology Automation)
  • Robotic instrumentation for the pre-analytic phases of RT ,PCR , and NAAT (including isothermal techniques)
  • BSL3 incubators for cell cultures
  • Optical (6) and fluorescent (3) microscopes with image acquisition systems
  • Amplifiers RT PCR (9)
  • Sequencing system NGS “PGM Ion Torrent” with robotics for the preparation of libraries
  • Sequencing system NGS MiSeq Illumina with high-throughput robotics STARLET Hamilton for libraries (up to 94 samples/day)
  • NA electrophoresis system
  • In addition, there is all the basic instrumentation found in a microbiology and IT laboratory.

Principal Investigator


Giorgio Dirani (Biologist)

Francesca Taddei (Biologist LP)

Laura Grumiro (Biologist LP)

Silvia Zannoli (Specialist in Biotechnology)

Maria Michela Marino Specialist in Biology)

Michela Samuelli (Specialist in Biotechnology)

Martina Brandolini (Masters degree in Biology)

In addition, there are 73 management staff members (doctors, biologists, and technicians employed by Ausl Romagna).

How to reach us

Centro Servizi Pievesestina – AUSL Romagna