Non-coding RNAs and cancer biomarkers

Research projects

  • Molecular characterization of Cancers with Unknown Primary site: microRNA profiling for site-of-origin prediction; in vitro and in vivo model development
  • Next-generation sequencing for druggable target identification in cancer samples
  • Molecular characterization of microRNA in melanoma and their use as diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers
  • Methylation biomarkers for early stage colon cancer
  • Absolute quantification of microRNAs in biological fluids and microvescicles with droplet digital PCR
  • SmallRNA expression profile of cancer and other human diseases using next-generation sequencing
  • Circulating Tumor Cell isolation, molecular characterization and culture


Lab members:


  • Elisa Porcellini PhD, postdoctoral fellow
  • Mattia Riefolo MD, senior research fellow
  • Francesco Pignatelli, undergraduate research fellow, 2021
  • Melissa Garrì, undergraduate research fellow, 2021
  • Elisa Ambrosini, undergraduate research fellow, 2020
  • Andrea Di Domizio, undergraduate research fellow, 2020
  • Benedetta Gamberini, undergraduate research fellow, 2019